What is Gender Mainstreaming?

The term “gender mainstreaming” was officially recognised in the Fourth United Nation World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995.

While this event formalised the term into a global policy, the notion of gender mainstreaming was initially born out of the natural acknowledgement that the perspectives of women and men are relevant to attaining gender equality, and equity on the long run.

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Money Matters: NGO Financial Management, Developing Operating and Cash Budgets – Summary & Review

On the 26th of October, Lebanon Support organised a workshop titled “Money Matters: NGO Financial Management, Developing Operating and Cash Budgets,” within its Civil Society Incubator programme. This workshop was developed as part of a greater curriculum developed in partnership with ACTED and funded by the European Union.

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What do attendees think about the Civil Society Incubator’s 1st workshop?

Lebanon Support organised on the 26th of April 2017, a workshop on Clear and Persuasive Communication, delivered by Thomas Hart. We posted about the workshop in a previous post and you can read more details about it here.

In order to gather the attendees’ feedback about this workshop, we designed a post-workshop survey that was emailed to the participants of our workshops. The survey addressed several dimensions relevant to quality, usefulness of data, and the trainer’s ability to deliver the information. The results are shared below.

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Workshop: Clear and Persuasive Communication

On the 26th of April, Lebanon Support organised a workshop titled “Clear and Persuasive Communication: Speechwriting, Presentation, Advocacy and Policy Influencing,” as part of the Civil Society Incubator programme, Lebanon Support’s newest programme that was officially launched in 2016.

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The Civil Society Incubator website is now online!

The Civil Society Incubator, a programme officially launched by Lebanon Support in 2016, shares our expertise of over 10 years working in the field of civil society.

By providing tailored support and mentorship for civil society actors in Lebanon, the Civil Society Incubator is designed to foster the creation, development, and growth of local civil society and public action initiatives, organisations, or projects in Lebanon. Read more